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Cancer treatment is unpleasant, frustrating, and riddled with difficulties. For a safe and fast recovery from blood, brain, cervical, liver, lung, pancreatic, paediatric, prostate, mouth, throat, and other cancers, our cancer specialists use multi-modal, evidence-based approaches. We offer individualised treatment to help people live longer and have a better quality of life. 

Comprehensive Cancer Care – an idea that Raheja Hospital pioneered to put all testing and treatment facilities under one roof – is implemented by our best Cancer Specialist and Oncologist in Mahim, Mumbai, India. Our hand-picked oncologist in Mahim has attended several of the world’s most renowned universities and has a long history of helping patients escape the bullet and recover their lives. 

Each aspect of cancer treatment is influenced by our oncologists in India. They collaborate closely with you and your family to tailor therapies to your unique needs and preferences. They keep up to date on the most recent advances in cancer treatment and put them into practice to improve the chances of recovery. Come to SL Raheja Hospital to learn about a new approach to cancer treatment from some of the best oncologists in the nation. 

Role of Medical Oncologist:
Planning of treatment
Planning of Chemotherapy protocol
Supportive Care

Dr. Suresh H. Advani: Consultant Oncologist– Dr. Suresh has been pioneer in establishing Bone Marrow Transplantation in India. He is the recipient of the PADMASHRI and PADMABHUSHAN awards from the Government of India and the Dhanvantari Award for outstanding contributions to Medicine, Lifetime Achievement in Oncology in 2005. India’s first and best-known oncologists 

Experience: More than 40 years, Educational Qualifications: MD(Medicine), FICP, MNAMS, FNAMS, ICRETT, UICC

Dr. P. Jagannath: Consultant Surgical Oncologist– Pioneer Cancer surgeon and started Hepato Biliary Pancreatic Surgery in India in 1985. Maximum Number of Pancreatic Surgery (Whipple’s operations) in-country. Educational Qualifications- M.S, FACS, FICS, FIMSA, FAMS, FRCS (England)

Dr. Akshay Shah: Consultant Oncologist and Stem Cell Transplant Physician– Dr. Akshay Shah is a Consultant Oncologist and Stem Cell Transplant Physician working in the Department of Medical Oncology.. Educational Qualifications-MBBS, DNB (Medicine), DNB (Medicine Oncology)

Dr. Bharat Bhosale: Consultant Oncologist

Dr. Dhairyasheel N. Savant: Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Donald John Babu: Consultant Surgical Oncology

Dr. Kirti Bushan: Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Dr. K. S. Sethna: Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Ninad Katdare: Consultant Oncologist

Dr. Prashant M. Mullerpatan: Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Prashant S. Nyati: Consultant Gynaecologic & Robotic Onco Surgeon

Dr. Sudhesh Mohan Phanse: Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Tanveer Abdul Majeed: Consultant Medical Oncologist

Dr. Satish Rao: Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Rajeev Wadhwa: Consultant Surgical Oncologist

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